COST/EMC Conference 2005

EMC Week 2005

Zurich, Switzerland, February 14-18

16th International Zurich Symposium & Technical Exhibition on Electromagnetic Compatibility (1.4 MB)
The symposium and accompanying exhibition will be the centerpieces of a full week of EMC related events including workshops, tutorials, and topical meetings.

Topical Meeting on Biomedical EMC (62 KB)
Meeting organizers: M. Okoniewski (University of Calgary, Canada) and E. Fear (University of Calgary, Canada)
The meeting will take place February 16-18, 2005 in conjunction with EMC Zurich 2005 in three half-day sessions.

Topical Meeting on Reverberation Chambers (62 KB)
Meeting organizer: M. Hatfield (Naval Surface Warfare Center,Dahlgren, USA)
The meeting will take place February 14-16, 2005 in conjunction with EMC Zurich 2005 in three half-day sessions. 

COST 281: 6th MCM and Workshop “Make sinusoidal versus non-sinusoidal wave forms a difference?”

Zurich, Switzerland, February 17-18, 2005

Agenda (359 KB)

Motivation and purpose of the workshop

Already existing and emerging new technologies make increasing use of nonsinusoidal signals and even ultrashort pulses. This development stimulates the ongoing debate whether specific non-thermal effects should be considered to add to the thermal concept of EMF radiation protection and might lead to more public concern about such new technologies if sound scientific advice is lacking. Specific attention need to be given to pulses with ultrashort rise time and/or duration which probably could induce biological effects on cells and tissues, which are different from those, produced by continuous sinusoidal fields. Are there specific mechanisms, based on processes of fast energy transfer apart of those already known to cause microwave hearing? Is it possible that such kinds of mechanisms could cause non-thermal effects, occurring without measurable temperature increase? Do ICNIRP limits deserve further development to account for the increasing prevalence of non-sinusoidal and ultrashort high peak as well as wide band signals?

This workshop should review the state of the art, identify needs for future studies, and discuss potential implications for further development of exposure limits.

Abstracts (504 KB)