Swiss Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication

Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication

The Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication (FSM) is a non-profit foundation with the purpose of promoting scientific research on the opportunities and risks of technologies that use and/or generate electromagnetic fields, including all radio and electricity technologies. Further objectives of the FSM are the publication of research results in scientific organs and the communication of research facts and expertise on the topic of "electromagnetic fields" in society.

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Our Offer

We offer both communication and research services. The communication services include providing information, imparting scientific knowledge, the organisation of events, leading presentations and compiling informative material. Amongst the research services we include research consultancy and supervision as well as the coordination and execution of research projects.

Our Project Portfolio

The FSM has been supporting research for 20 years. In total, we have invested more than 5 million Swiss francs in research funding and thus made an important contribution to the acquisition of knowledge as well as to the promotion of young academics in Switzerland and elsewhere. So far, 48 studies dealing with basic research, social science issues or technical aspects of radio and power technology in connection with EMF (electromagnetic fields) have been supported.


Calls for Proposals

You will find detailed information on the Call for Proposals 2021 here and on the "Promotion" page in summer 2021.

Knowledge Platform

Anybody interested in technical, biological or health questions in respect of electromagnetic fields can inform themselves Knowledge pages. These pages have been prepared with the general public in mind.