About us

The Swiss Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication promotes scientific research on the opportunities and risks of technologies that generate and use electromagnetic fields (EMF). Examples of such technologies are electrical installations and devices as well as radio services such as mobile communications. We are also involved in the publication and communication of research results. For questions concerning EMF we are the competent contact point for persons and institutions from politics, economy and civil society.

The three bodies of the Foundation are the Foundation Board, the Scientific Committee and the Administrative Office.

The FSM is financially supported by sponsors and supporters as well as ETH Zurich. Some of our events are financially supported by federal offices (FOEN, FOPH, OFCOM and SFOE). An external body, the Scientific Committee, decides on the allocation of research funds. The funding agencies have no seat on the committee, nor are they informed about its deliberations. This ensures absolute independence of all funding decisions.

With respect to research, we see ourselves as an organization with an international orientation. Therefore, we are involved in research coordination at the European level and also promote international research work. The institutional connection to ETH Zurich helps us additionally to maintain our international orientation. However, research decisions and activities are carried out independently of external research policies.

In the area of communication, we are strongly focused on the national level. We regularly communicate the state of knowledge at public events, via publications and through our website. It is of great concern to us to present even complex scientific issues in an understandable way.