2021 Call for Proposal - The FSM will award a total amount of CHF 250'000 for two innovative research projects on questions related to 5G.

The FSM will award a total amount of CHF 250'000 for two innovative research projects on questions related to 5G.

Save the date: The next Science Brunch on the topic of "5G and Climate Protection" will take place on September 23, 2021.

The next Science Brunch will take place on September 23, 2021 at Belvoirpark Zurich. Information about the program will be published on our website as soon as possible.

Podcast on the topic of 5G from SRF Science (german only)

Debatte über 5G - Schweizer Mobilfunk-Experte unter Beschuss

Der Schweizer Strahlenschutzexperte Martin Röösli wird immer wieder massiv angegriffen. Der Vorwurf: Er sei von der Mobilfunkindustrie gekauft. Was steckt dahinter? Den Link zum Podcast von Christian von Burg finden Sie bei unseren Medienberichten.

New publication from the project 41: Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from mobile communication: Description of modeled dose in brain regions and the body in European children and adolescents

Birks, L.E., van Wel, L., Liorni, I., Pierotti, L., Guxens, M., Huss, A., Foerster, M., Capstick, M., Eeftens, M., El Marroun, H., Estarlich, M., Gallastegi, M., Gonzàlez Safont, L., Joseph, W., Santa-Marina, L., Thielens, A., Torrent, M., Vrijkotte, T., Wiart, J., Röösli, M., Cardis, E., Vermeulen, R., Vrijheid, M.(2021): Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from mobile communication:…

New publication from the project "Effects of Wi-Fi Exposure on Sleep"

Bueno-Lopez A., Eggert T., Dorn H., Schmid G., Hirtl R., Danker-Hopfe H. (2020): Effects of 2.45 GHz Wi‐Fi exposure on sleep‐dependent memory consolidation. Journal of Sleep Research: e13224,

Adaptive Antennas

The Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) released guidelines regarding the use of adaptive antenna.

New publication on the project "Impact of exposure to EMF on human genome stability: replication study and extension"

Schuermann, D., Ziemann, C., Barekati, Z., Capstick, M., Oertel, A., Focke, F., Murbach, M., Kuster, N., Dasenbrock, C., Schär, P. (2020): Assessment of Genotoxicity in Human Cells Exposed to Modulated Electromagnetic Fields of Wireless Communication Devices. Genes,11, 4, 347.

Annual Report 2019 of the FSM

New ICNIRP guidelines. Podcast by E.v.Rongen

Vice-President of ICNIRP, Dr. Eric van Rongen, explains the new recommendations on limiting exposure to radiofrequency radiation 100 kHz to 300 GHz

Review study: Health effects of AC/DC powerlines

A report by the FSM on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry Rhineland-Palatinate


New publication from the project "Effects of WLAN Exposure on Sleep"

Danker-Hopfe, H., Bueno-Lopez, A., Dorn, H., Schmid, G., Hirtl, R., Egger, T. (2020): Spending the night next to a router – Results from the first human experimental study investigating the impact of Wi-Fi exposure on sleep. International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health, 228, July, 113550.

New EPSR document

The European Parlamentary Research Service (EPRS) published a briefing entitled "Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health".

The document lists selected technical, regulatory and scientific information pertaining to 5G and mobile communication.

The information that covers health effects is fragmentary and reminds to "cherry picking". More systematic data can be found, for instance, in…

New Publication of Avenir Suisse "What a 5G Moratorium Would Mean for Switzerland"

More Information on

New brochure "Adaptive Antennen und Strahlungsmessung" (German only)

New ICNIRP Guidelines

ICNIRP published new guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields 100 kHz to 300 GHz

FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) (2020): Review of Published Literature between 2008 and 2018 of Relevance to Radiofrequency Radiation and Cancer. FDA, Center for Devices & Radiological Health

New publikation on FSM-Project A2016_01, Danker-Hopfe

New Literature Review

Video interview on mobile communications and health with Gregor Dürrenberger

New FSM magazin contribution on EMF and health (in German)

Flyer Electromagnetic Fields