Help for the interpretation of expert reports

Here you will find information to help you better evaluate expert reports.The information is not designed to assess the quality of the content, but to shed light on the status of the reports: who commissioned a report, who wrote it, how was the literature selected, how was the literature evaluated, etc. This background information should help you to assess the people behind reports and their assessment processes.

The information follows the so-called CORA scheme (CORA: Communicating Health Risk Assessments to the general public). The scheme has been developed within the COST Action BM0704 2011/2012 in Working Group 5. The following publication of the core team of the working group explains the scheme in detail:

Wiedemann, P., Boerner, F., Dürrenberger, G., Estenberg, J., Kandel, S., van Rongen, E., Vogel, E. (2013). Supporting non-experts in judging the credibility of risk assessments. Science of the Total Environment, 463-464, 624-630. Download

A brief description of the Framework can be found here: CORA-sheme

The scheme can be used by anyone to assess risk assessments of interest for their credibility.

CORA fact sheets were compiled by the working group for the following expert reports:




Health Council

Other CORA-Factsheets (compiled by FSM):