Terms that are frequently used in the knowledge pages are explained in the glossary. Many biological and medicinal terms are listed. This does not automatically mean that EMFs were a health problem. The connections between EMF, biology and health are shown in the topic pages.

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Parkinson?s Disease

Like Alzheimer?s Disease, Parkinson?s Disease is characterised by the slow and progressive death of the nerve cells in old age. The mesencephalon or midbrain, which controls movement, is affected. Parkinson is the second most prevalent dementia.

Pineal Gland

(Epiphysis, conarium) Small, flat gland located in the interbrain (diencephalon).


Abkürzung für ?Powerline Communication?. Manchmal auch als PowerLAN bezeichnet. Eine Technik, welche zur Sprach- oder Datenübertragung das Stromnetz nutzt. PLC wird meist für die in-house Versorgung eingesetzt, da die Technik nur für Leitungen funktioniert, die galvanisch nicht getrennt sind.


PM ist die Abkürzung für ?Phasenmodulation?, ein Modulationsverfahren, das die digitalen Funkdienste (Mobilfunk, digitales Radio, digitales Fernsehen) nutzen. Information wird dabei über Änderungen der Phase des Trägersignals übermittelt.


Proteins are substances built up from amino acids. The construction of the individual proteins (the amino acid sequence) is stored in the DNA and is retrieved from there for the production. Proteins serve as a support structure and, in the form of hormones, as messenger substances. As enzymes they facilitate biochemical processes or function as antibodies to safeguard against infections.

Phase Shift Keying

Modulationsverfahren, das auf einer Phasenänderung beruht. Einfachste Fälle: 180° Phasenverschiebung (2-PSK), 90° Phasenverschiebung (4-PSK).

pulsed radiation

A GSM telephone does not transmit continuously during a conversation but does so in short time slots of about a half-thousandth of a second (0.5 milliseconds / 0.5 ms) with longer pauses (ca. 4 ms) in between. Every second about 200 short data packets are transmitted in this way.