Call for Proposal

2024 Call for Proposal

The Swiss Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication (FSM) supports innovative research on EMF-technologies and associated electromagnetic fields focusing on short-, medium- and long-term impacts on health, society, and environment. 

The FSM is awarding CHF 150,000 in 2024 for a research project dealing with exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields or biological effects of mobile radio on humans, fauna and/or flora. We are looking for research projects that are specifically dedicated to frequencies in the 3 to 30 GHz range, which use applications such as 5G, 6G and communication services via satellites such as Starlink and the like. Within the scope of this call, the projects can also focus solely on conceptual considerations and clarification of suitable study designs for relevant research questions. However, initial exploratory investigations or pilot experiments should already be part of this first project phase. Promising study designs will be eligible for funding for subsequent implementation, which is possible as part of our calls for proposals from 2026.

Applications for follow-up or co-financing of ongoing projects are also possible. In particular, applications can also be submitted for research into additional issues within the framework of ongoing EU Horizon projects (ETAIN, GOLIAT, Next-GEM, SEAWave) or Federal Office for the Environment FOEN research funding in the field of mobile radio and non-ionising radiation.

The call is internationally orientated and young researchers are also encouraged to submit research proposals.

We ask interested researchers to submit a corresponding pre-proposal (outline).

 Deadline for the pre-proposal is June 30, 2024.  

Project outlines

Project outlines must be submitted on the pre-proposal form. The outlines should be short, ideally up to two A4 pages. They will be evaluated by the FSM Scientific Committee. The applicants of the selected outlines will then be asked to specify their applications in a full proposal. Public and private (domestic and foreign) research institutions and researchers can apply to take part. 

Questions can be addressed to: juerg.eberhard(at)



Conditions of participation

Public and private (domestic and foreign) research institutions and researchers can apply for participation. In principle, only research at a high scientific level, which is in line with the goals of the FSM, will be supported. Pre-projects (seed money) can also be approved to promote a pioneering area.