Call for Proposal

Call for proposals 2017

The topic of the Call was a study (overall budget CHF 150’000) on coupling mechanisms of weak EMF with biological matter on the cellular or subcellular level. Research could cover ELF or RF exposures.

The Scientific Commettee decided to support the project Dr. D.Schürmann, Dr. A.Ducray: “Impact of mobile phone signals on the regulation of neural differentiation”. This is a joint project of University of Basel, Department of Biomedicine and University of Bern, De-partment of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Outline Projects

Outline projects must be submitted on the "Pre-Proposal" form. The outlines will be inspected by the FSM Scientific Committee. The applicants of the selected outline projects will be invited to develop their projects to Full Proposals ("Full-Proposal" form). Applications are invited from public and private research institutions and researcher in Switzerland and abroad.


Conditions for participating

All public and private research institutions in Switzerland and international may apply for research funding.

In principle, only high quality scientific research which complies with the aims of the research programme will be supported. An exception may be the provision of seed money to start preliminary projects in pioneering fields.