Call for Proposal

2021 Call for Proposal

The Swiss Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication (FSM) supports innovative research on EMF-technologies and associated electromagnetic fields focusing on short-, medium- and long-term impacts on health, society, and environment. In 2021, the FSM will award a total amount of CHF 250'000 for two innovative research projects on questions related to 5G. The focus is on the following two, non-exclusive, thematic priorities:  

(a)    Basic research on biological effects (in vivo, in vitro, human studies)
For example, studies investigating possible biological effects of the new 5G frequencies and signal modulation, especially in the millimeter wave range, would be of special interest.

(b)    Social science studies on risk perception and acceptance of 5G
It would be interesting, for instance, to compare the rollout of 5G with the one of its predecessor technologies and to interpret why 5G raises heightened public opposition. Comparisons with other countries would be of great interest.

Interested researchers can submit a pre-proposal (please use the form “pre-proposal” to be downloaded from our website). The description has to be very concise (preferably not exceeding two A4 pages).  

Deadline for the pre-proposal is 15.08.2021. 


Project outlines

All public and private Swiss and international research institutions may apply for funding. Pre-proposals will be assessed by the Scientific Committee of the FSM according to the usual evaluation criteria for research projects. Successful applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. 



Conditions of participation

Public and private (domestic and foreign) research institutions and researchers can apply for participation. In principle, only research at a high scientific level, which is in line with the goals of the FSM, will be supported. Pre-projects (seed money) can also be approved to promote a pioneering area.