Science Brunches

The Science Brunches take place twice a year. Participation is by personal invitation. There is a broadly defined distribution list for invitations aimed at representatives from politics, administration, business and civil society as well as the scientific community. Interested parties are welcome to contact us. In order to promote discussion the number of participants is limited to 50. As a rule, three introductory presentations from prominent representatives from politics, administration, civil society or business, as well as a keynote scientific paper from a renowned researcher, are given. We always reserve time between the presentations for round-table discussions so that participants can discuss matters amongst.

List of the Science Brunches

We regularly organise our own events for specialists (Science BrunchWorkshops) and for the scientific community (Conferences), as well as leading or chairing discussions and workshops.


We organise workshops on selected topical issues. They are targeted towards a specific audience, such as representatives of the authorities or journalists, and are designed as further education events. Supported by top speakers we present, for example, new technical developments or broach the issue of risk management.


From time to time we organise conferences or discussion sessions at scientific events to additionally inform the research community about ongoing or completed research projects that are being or have been sponsored by the FSM.

List of the Conferences