Decennial FSM Conference: “10 years of EMF research – lessons learnt


Hazard and Risk Assessment of some technologies is scientifically controversial. An example is electromagnetic fields associated with electricity and radio technologies. There is no question about the utility of these technologies. However, potential risks have to be addressed by both, scientific research into biological effects (with the goal to identify hazards, if any), and by science and risk communication to inform public and policy debates with facts instead of emotions.

Since 10 years, the FSM, co-founded by and domicilated at ETH, has engaged in these two activities. At October 3, 2012, we celebrated the anniversary with an event at which top-scientists presented the current state of knowledge and a series of VIPs from policy and industry discussed its implications for public health and ecnomomic growth.


09.15   Welcome Dr. Gregor Dürrenberger, CEO FSM
09.30   Prof. Peter Achermann, University of Zurich Acute Effects of radiofrequency radiation: state of knowledge
10.15   Flash-Interviews Philippe Horisberger, Vice Director Federal Office of Communications
      Dr. Werner Zeller, Department Head Federal Office of Public Health
10.30   Prof. Primo Schär, University of Basel Research as sleuthing: the example of cell biology
11.00   Break  
11.30   Prof. Martin Röösli, Swiss TPH Don't trust statistics: Insights from epidemiology
12.00   Flash Interviews Dr. Jürg Baumann, Deputy Departement Head Federal Office for the Environment
      Dr. Rolf Marti, CEO Swiss Cancer League
12.15   Prof. Norbert Leitgeb, TU Graz A foresight: new technologies - new research questions
12.45   Q&A Plenum
13.15   Networking lunch  
14.15   Welcome for and Introduction of afternoon speakers Prof. Ralph Eichler ETH – President
14.20   Carsten Schloter, CEO Swisscom Megatrends in mobile communication
14.50   Dr. Yvonne Gilli, NR GP Mobile communication and policy
15.20   El. Ing. HTL /STV Ruedi Noser, NR FDP Mind and money: on the significance of the ICT-sector for Switzerland
15.50   Flash Interviews Prof. Heinz Gutscher, President Advisory Board FSM
      Oliver Steil, CEO Sunrise
      Thomas Sieber, CEO Orange
16.10   Break  
16.40   Panel Discussion Yvonne Gilli, NR GP
      Ruedi Noser, NR FDP
      Carsten Schloter, CEO Swisscom
      Franziska Troesch-Schnyder, President Konsumentenforum kf
      Urs Walker, Department Head FOEN