Science Brunch 9

EMF Health Research – Responsibilities, Priorities, Challenges

Since a decade or so, potential health risks associated with mobile telecommunication technology are widely discussed in science, policy, civil society and the media. Science still lacks robust knowledge concerning possible long-term effects of RF-EMF. Furthermore, no biological mechanism about how weak fields may interact with the human body has been scientifically established to date. Against this background, there is general agreement among scientists: more research is badly needed.

But who bears funding responsibility? What are the liabilities of government, what of industry? Do national, international and industry bodies agree upon research needs and priorities? And: what are the challenges for and the strategies of funding institutions to safeguard scientific quality and independence of research vis-à-vis both sponsors form governmental and private institutions as well as pressures from NGO’s?

Program (French only)

09:00   Accueil
09:15   Bienvenue Dr. Gregor Dürrenberger, Directeur FSM
    Introduction Prof. Dr. Farhad Rachidi, Membre du conseil de fondation FSM
    Discussion avec les voisins de tables
09:30   Perspectives de la recherche, le point de vue des chercheurs
    Prof. Alexander Borbély, Président PNR 57
    Françoise Boudin, Directrice Fondation Santé et Radiofrequences, France
    Discussion avec les voisins de table
10:20   Brèves interventions d‘autres acteurs concernés
    OMS: Dr. Emilie van Deventer, Directrice du project CEM
    Industrie: Dr. Joe Wiart, France Telecom, Orange Labs
    Politique Jean-François Steiert, conseiller national
11:00   Discussion
12:15   Fin de l‘événement
Modération:   Anton Vos, Journaliste scientifique, Université Genève

Information Material (French only)