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Our aim is to convey the state of research into the effects on health of electromagnetic fields, as well as further relevant aspects of radio and electric power technologies, to interested parties and the general public in a readily understandable manner.  

To this purpose we regularly publish commentaries on selected studies, prepare informative material and, on request, press releases, appear as speakers at symposia and public meetings, and dedicate ourselves to communicating science at our own events (see below).

Reports and Scientific Articles

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Dürrenberger, G., Röösli, M., Fröhlich, J. (2020): Gesundheitliche Wirkungen von Hybridleitungen - Literaturanalyse zum Stand der Forschung. FSM, Zürich.

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Informationsblatt adaptive Antennen und Strahlungsmessung  (German)


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Newsletter 60

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Annual Report 2019