Mobile Communication – a Health Risk?

New Brochure

Gregor Dürrenberger, Jürg Fröhlich, Hans Kastenholz (2019): Mobilfunk - ein Risiko? Zum Stand des Wissens über mögliche gesundheitliche Wirkungen von Mobilfunkexpositionen. Forschungsstiftung Strom und Mobilkommunikation - FSM, Zürich. ISBN 978-3-033-07653-2.


The broschure informs about the current (2019) state of scientific evidence on potential health risks from exposure to mobile phone signals. The full list of literature included in the risk assessment can be downladed as pdf or inspected on our website (linklist  below).

Links to the pdfs of the brochure and its supplements:


Supplement 1: Literature

Supplement 2: Gesellschaft und Risiko (Society and Risk)