Our goal is to communicate the state of research on health effects of electromagnetic fields as well as on other relevant aspects of radio and power technologies in an understandable way to interested parties and the public.

For this purpose, we write information material and, if necessary, media releases, appear as speakers at specialist events and public occasions, and devote ourselves to science communication at our own events.


Reports and Scientific Articles

Most recent:

Blog Swissgrid (2023): Do electromagnetic fields affect our health?

Eberhard, J., Fröhlich, J., Zahner, M. (2023): Elektromagnetische Felder (EMF) in Elektrofahrzeugen. BFE, Bern.  [German only]

Eberhard, J., Bräunlich, R., Dalmus, C., Dongus, S., Friedrich, G., Fröhlich, J., Röösli, M., Schürmann, D. (2023): EMF von Stromtechnologien - Fachliteratur-Monitoring; Statusbericht 2022. BFE, Bern. [German only]

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Information Material

Most recent:

Faktenblatt 5G (2023) (German only)

Faktenblatt WiFi 6 (2022) (German only)

Informationsblatt adaptive Antennen und Strahlungsmessung (2020) (German)

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Annual Reports

Current issue: Annual Report 2022