Project supervision / co-operation

Smart Meters


Support of the electricity utility BKW in the implementation of smart meters in private households. Deliverables: scientific information, education, advice. Period: 2018.

Wireless Power Transfer

ETH Zürich, IEF, Prof. Dr. Jürg Leuthold; Funding: BAFU

The project describes the physical mechnisms of wireless power transfer, current technological applications in the electric vehicle market, and the state of discussion within national and international standards committees.

Link to final Report  (German only)

Assessment of the scientific evidence about potential biological effects of exposure to low-dose radiofrequency radiation

Swiss TPH, Prof. Dr. Martin Röösli; Funding: BAFU

The project reviews important scientific literature about biological effects of exposure to low-dose radiofrequency radiation and performs a health-risk assessment for the most prominent biological endpoints.

Link to final report (German only)

Energy consumption of mobile telecommunications

FHS NWS Windisch, Dr. Hufschmid; Funding: SFOE 

The project analysed the energy demands of GSM and UMTS mobile telecommunications infrastructure (correlation between power requirements and network load) and estimated future needs based on various technology scenarios.

Link to final report

Locating mobile telecommunications base stations: innovative means of conflict mediation

University of Stuttgart, Prof. Renn. Funding: German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme 

An online advisor was developed as part of this research project to support communities in both avoiding and solving conflicts when planning the locations of mobile telecommunications base stations.

Dialogue sustainable mobile telecommunications

Aerztinnen und Aerzte für Umweltschutz, Dr. Gysler. Funding: Public-Private Partnership

In this project stakeholders in the mobile communications debate (service providers, authorities, NGOs, science) sounded out the potential of reducing the level of conflict in infrastructure development. The project was scientifically supervised.