General Information

Our services encompass the distribution of information; the supervision, coordination and performance of research activities; imparting scientific knowledge; the organisation of events; leading presentations; and compiling documents and informative material. Our services are available to all interested individuals and institutions. The Administrative Office decides autonomously whether or not to accept enquiries.


  • There is basically no charge for giving information respectively giving a verbal response to an enquiry. The Administrative Office can handle enquiries by Email or telephone.
  • Fees for participation in an information event or for leading a presentation will be decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Expert opinions (commentaries on scientific publications, review reports, etc.) can be carried out based on an hourly rate of remuneration.
  • The organisation and leadership of further education and scientific events as well as monitoring projects and research will be charged at cost.

Moderation and facilitation

Upon request we are also prepared to lead, chair, facilitate or moderate discussions and workshops handling topics related to our area of expertise.

Enquiries from private individuals

Members of the public who have concerns about NIR and who seek information as to the state of knowledge can approach us. In so far as we can, we will endeavour to answer your questions.

Please email your enquiry to info(at) or telephone us on +41 44 632 28 15.

Participation in events

Communities frequently ask us to participate in events, such as informative functions about planned infrastructure projects or as part of the internal training about NIR for their administrators, in order to learn the current state of knowledge.

We can also look back on many years involvement in schools. This commitment is primarily connected to the TecDays of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences, an educational campaign in grammar schools aimed at inspiring youngsters for technical training and professions.